Police Facial Composite Forensic Software
Bring police sketch artist expertise to the crime scene...

at an outstanding value!

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Catching criminals is faster and easier when you have an accurate forensic sketch of the suspect. FACES software can help you create billions of human faces from a database that automatically blends features for photo-quality, composite facial images.

Be proactive and deliver the professional expertise of the police sketch artist to the first responder at the crime scene, at a fraction of the cost. It is the best tool for solving more crimes.

Start using this highly effective law enforcement software now by purchasing FACES 4.0 Police Forensic Imaging Software – and we will reserve your first year's user license of our upcoming FACES 5.0 downloadable update.... absolutely FREE for each CD you purchase of FACES 4.0.

FACES software is used successfully by thousands of police agencies, including the CIA, FBI and U.S. Military. Our 4.0 version will get you started. Our 5.0 downloadable update will allow for expanding the software with more detail and accuracy. You benefit from both – with this exclusive online offer.

Order your FACES 4.0 CD set now, and get one year single user license FREE of FACES 5.0 with Purchase!

"This is just leaps and bounds over anything we've had in the past. The FACES program makes a composite look virtually like a photo and it produces a good quality image."
- Detective Hester, Greenfield Police Dept., Ohio
"You are absolutely correct when you stated that this CD is the most incredible composite software to ever hit the market. Officers in my department are amazed at what it can do."
- Richard E. Bergeron, Jr., Chief of Police, Webster Police Dept., Webster, Massachusetts

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