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Face Composite Software Recognized

Since its launch in 1998, FACES face composite software has been recognized as an innovative, well-designed, effective product, winning such accolades as:

Crime Stoppers International President's Award

President’s Award (Crime Stoppers International) 1999

Crime Stoppers International is the world’s largest volunteer crime-solving organization. In 1999, Dr. Alan J. Pratt, Crime Stoppers president, presented FACES creator Pierre Côté with a prestigious President’s Award. Dr. Pratt cited IQ Biometrix’s outstanding contribution to law enforcement in the field of crime solving and for dedication and support to society worldwide.

MIM Golden Award for Best Business Solutions

MIM Golden Award (Best Business Solutions) 1999

The Multi-media and Info-Highway International Market aims to be a meeting place for all new information technology and the communications industry. Their Golden Awards recognize excellence and innovation in the fields of multimedia, business solutions, technological innovation and special effects. FACES received the 1999 MIM Golden Award in the Best Business Solutions category.

National Parenting Center Seal of Approval

Seal of Approval Award (National Parenting Center) 1999

FACES won The National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval in 1999. The Center conducts independent testing to judge products introduced and marketed in the parent/children consumer market. Their product testing division, run by independent testers including parents and educators, determined FACES to be a superbly designed product of high quality.

Informal Education Product of The Year Award

Product of The Year Award (Informal Education) 1999-2000

U.S.-based Informal Education Products, publishers of the Museum Tour Catalog, selected FACES as winner of their 1999-2000 Product of The Year Award. This award is presented annually by a committee that reviews customers’ ratings on how the product scored in the areas of safety, creativity, quality, educational value, usefulness and inspiration.


National Educational Media Network Bronze Apple Award

Bronze Apple Award (National Educational Media Network) 1999

FACES earned the 1999 National Educational Media Network’s Bronze Apple Award in the CD-ROM category. The honor is widely recognized in the United States as a standard of excellence in the educational media.


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