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Forensic Software Program – FACES Education

FACES 4.0 EDU forensic software program is a classroom version of the award-winning criminal investigation software software that allows police investigators to develop accurate, photo-like suspect composites.

Intuitive and easy to use, FACES 4.0 EDU lets students create billions of different human faces with point-and-click selection from its rich database of facial features.

FACES 4.0 EDU is available in a single teachers edition: lab packs of 5: and school-wide licenses with unlimited users, as well as a network version. Lab packs and school licenses include a detailed teachers curriculum with background and classroom exercises appropriate for grades 8-12, which make creating CSI lesson plans a breeze.

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Using FACES in the Classroom

FACES technology is used by thousands of police agencies worldwide – including the FBI and CIA – to identify, track and apprehend criminal suspects.

Easily Create CSI Lesson Plans

FACES 4.0 EDU forensic software program is an ideal support for criminology and forensic classes, giving students hands-on experience in how suspect composites – like DNA, fingerprint and other evidence – are used to solve crimes. Students can use FACES 4.0 EDU to carry out simulated witness interviews, develop facial composites, and even create virtual line-ups.

Forensic software program’s age progression feature
FACES 4.0 EDU age progression feature.

For younger children, FACES 4.0 EDU forensic software program can be used to teach observational skills that can be critical in increasing personal awareness and safety. FACES 4.0 EDU also has creative applications, such as enhancing drama and reading appreciation by allowing students to develop images of historic or fictional characters.

Screenshot of Faces EDU forensic software program

FACES EDU Screenshot

FACES 4.0 EDU images can be exported as JPEGs and used to further build skills in computer graphics programs such as Photoshop. Available in English, French and Spanish, FACES 4.0 EDU can even provide a unique approach to second language classes, encouraging students to learn vocabulary to describe and identify facial features.

Students can disguise composites

Disguise your composite in several creative ways.

FACES 4.0 EDU Advanced Features

• Creates billions of photo quality facial composites with a click of a mouse
• Database of 2000 facial features includes Asian, Latino andAfrican-American components
• Compatible with latest MAC 0S and Windows NT operating systems and available in stand alone or network versions
• Composites can be exported as JPEG files to use in graphics programs such as Photoshop
• Light, medium and dark hair tones and facial markings such as scars, moles, piercings and tattoos
• Positioning and zooming tools, and age progression features to refine composites
• Slide show to provide a “virtual lineup”: FACES game five different levels to build observation and composite skills

Include building suspect profiles in your CSI lesson plans

FACES 4.0 EDU suspect profile.

Minimal Requirements

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7
Intel or AMD processor
400 MHZ or better
64 MB RAM or better
1.2 GB free disk space
CD-ROM drive, 2x or better

For Mac OS environment
Intel processor
400 MHZ or better
64 MB RAM or better
1.2 GB free disk space
CD-ROM drive, 2x or better

Processor Power PC
System 8.6 & 9.x with CarbonLib 1.3.1*/OS X 10.x or better
64 MB RAM or better
Color Monitor and 16-bit color mode
1.2 GB free disk space
CD-ROM drive, 2x or better

*CarbonLib can be downloaded free of charge from Apple's web site.

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